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Celtic Oktoberfest: Day 4

It's yet another travel day for us. We're heading to Galway...yes back to good ole Ireland...and the other side of the country. We're going all the way west via two trains (with a transfer in Dublin...and two different train stations). Also, did you know it's Taco Tuesday...we must get tacos...or something of the Mexican cuisine… Continue reading Celtic Oktoberfest: Day 4

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Celtic Oktoberfest: Day 3

Alarm was set last night to ensure we make it onto our Paddywagon bus for our Giants Causeway day trip. We also wanted to get get breakfast and make sure we had enough time to walk to the bus. It's time to get to know Belfast. The breakfast spot we had picked out was called… Continue reading Celtic Oktoberfest: Day 3

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Celtic Oktoberfest: Day 2

Whoo! Anne arrives today and we make our trek up to Belfast (in Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom) by train. We had some time to kill before we were to catch our train. So we hung out with Rory and had some coffee. We took the bus to the train station.… Continue reading Celtic Oktoberfest: Day 2

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Celtic Oktoberfest: Day 1

This begins a new series and I'm about a whole vacation behind so...just deal with it. The vacation before this will be uploaded at some point. Celtic Oktoberfest is this years annual holiday that I take with my best friend...and we were headed back to Europe. Can you guess where by name alone? That's right,… Continue reading Celtic Oktoberfest: Day 1


Awake & Bake

Javaya & Brewpass bring you Chicago's first coffee and pie festival and...it was completely free (yes, that's right...it cost nothing, but possibly your time standing in line).  Per their Eventbrite page, "Awake & Bake brings together two of your fave's - the BEST local craft coffee and pie that Chicago has to offer....and we're pairing them… Continue reading Awake & Bake

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Chicago Culinary Kitchen

"Hey Baramee. Do you like BBQ?" "Yes" "Do you like brunch?" "Yes" "Okay! We're going on a baby road trip." "Wait...what?" And that's how I agreed on a road trip from Chicago out to the suburb of Palatine, IL. Let me just start by saying, it was worth every mile and minute we spent in… Continue reading Chicago Culinary Kitchen

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Dos Toros

Dos Toros is the brainchild of two guys from California, who decided to open their California-style taqueria in New York City...because they didn't really exist and they missed that integral piece of their childhood. Dos Toros opened up their flagship restaurant in the East Village, right near Union Square. That location, I've been to numerous… Continue reading Dos Toros