Paris: Day Three

We took our time getting ready this morning. Our first stop was the Louis Vuitton Foundation (thanks to a recommendation from Mommy Shorts, who came with her daughter Mazzy earlier this year). The only thing was that it didn't open until noon. We had some time to kill in the morning. So, we had a… Continue reading Paris: Day Three


London: Day Four

Our last day in London and we finally figured out the breakfast-at-the-hotel formula, 1.5 pieces of toast each, plus other foodstuff. Today, there was no second breakfast. Today…was another venture into Hyde Park, but this time, we were headed to Kensington Palace. The significance of this one: the royal babies live there. Well, with their… Continue reading London: Day Four


Paris: Day One

We hopped on the Eurostar at about 5:25p in London and arrived in Paris at about 8:50p (which is actually in a different time zone (I'm saying it felt like only 7:50p)). You guys, I'm in France!!! More specifically, I'm in Paris. I didn't take 7 years of French for nothing, right? Actually, I'm so… Continue reading Paris: Day One


London: Day Three

This is the morning where Anne and I found out one piece of toast was not enough and two pieces of toasts was too much, but the butter is Irish and thus we will do 1.5 pieces of toast each tomorrow. In the past two days, we had accomplished all the touristy things. Now, it… Continue reading London: Day Three