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Dos Toros

Dos Toros is the brainchild of two guys from California, who decided to open their California-style taqueria in New York City...because they didn't really exist and they missed that integral piece of their childhood. Dos Toros opened up their flagship restaurant in the East Village, right near Union Square. That location, I've been to numerous… Continue reading Dos Toros


Rock & Sole Plaice

The oldest fish and chips shop in London, located in Convent Garden, is a must. It was opened in 1871 and has been using their traditional recipe for the past 145 years. How crazy is that? Walking in, you encounter a high counter. I say high because at my 5'2, I couldn't see over it.… Continue reading Rock & Sole Plaice


Baramee’s European Adventure

We went to four different countries on my first trip ever across the Atlantic. Saying that I was excited would be an understatement. We all know I'm a foodie, right? If you didn't, you'll soon learn. This blog doesn't quite expand on that part of me quite yet, but feed me and I'll be your… Continue reading Baramee’s European Adventure


Travail Kitchen & Amusements 09.01.17

So what’s the first thing I did when I hit the city limits? Go to dinner, of course. Yeah baby, get into town at 4:15pm and dinner reservations at 5:00pm. This girl doesn’t play around when it comes to awesome food. Going to Travail is not just going for their food, though it’s awesome. I'm… Continue reading Travail Kitchen & Amusements 09.01.17