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Celtic Oktoberfest: Day 1

This begins a new series and I'm about a whole vacation behind so...just deal with it. The vacation before this will be uploaded at some point. Celtic Oktoberfest is this years annual holiday that I take with my best friend...and we were headed back to Europe. Can you guess where by name alone? That's right,… Continue reading Celtic Oktoberfest: Day 1


Amsterdam: Day Three

It's our last day in Amsterdam, our last day in Europe. It's the last day of Baramee's European Adventure. We're traveling all day tomorrow...airplane flying. That'll be a day in and of itself. Gross. So, we're taking it easy today. We walked the street market for foodstuff and souvenirs. Then we just explored and #teamawespon… Continue reading Amsterdam: Day Three


Amsterdam: Day Two

Do we really have to get up? Well, eventually we'll have to. For now, let's just be lazy a bit and we'll get going when we get going. We're on holiday after all and this is our last city. After our slower morning, which was easy enough since we had a lighter itinerary than the… Continue reading Amsterdam: Day Two


Amsterdam: Day One

After a 3-hour train ride with several stops from Brussels, we finally arrived in Amsterdam. Now we just had to find Tram 4 and make our way to the AirBnb. By the way, our AirBnb host and the place itself is pretty awesome. It's in De Pijp; a great neighborhood and near tons of stuff.… Continue reading Amsterdam: Day One


Brussels: Day One

We got into Brussels, Grand Place, around 7:30pm. We were staying at an IBIS, which is like an efficiency hotel, in my opinion. It does the job and is rather nice and clean. My friend Shane, had arrived earlier that day and met us at the station. Whew, trying to get out of the station… Continue reading Brussels: Day One