Brewery Crawl by Bike: Day One

It’s Saturday and I just couldn’t sleep in anymore. There’s way too much sunlight streaming in through the window of my studio apartment. I had spent all of Friday being a hermit. The weather is too nice to stay cooped up all day, but I didn’t have any plans either. I had “tentative” plans with a friend, but I hadn’t heard from him since Thursday. I wondered what my friend Sarah was up to…if she was around. I recalled her saying she didn’t really have plans this weekend either.

However, when I finally decided to check my phone, after asking Alexa was time it actually was, there was a message from my friend Yvonne. She wanted to go on a brewery crawl. I wasn’t in the mood for beer, but I’m always up for spontaneous activities. Funny enough, for being a native Chicagoan, she hadn’t been to any of the breweries yet…and I had been to three already.

Yay! I had plans now. I asked my friend if there were any breweries were definitely on her list. The only brewery she really wanted to go to was Pipeworks. For me, their kind of hit or miss with their beer, but I’d be willing to check them out anyway, see what they had. We later came to find out that they didn’t have a taproom, only a bottle shop. With her request of the one brewery, I set upon coming up with a “plan of attack” for us. This is one of my favorite things to do. It usually comes complete with a map and a route of sorts.

And thus, we started our trek. We met up at the first brewery, Half Acre at 1:30. We all enjoyed a beer and were even able to snag a couple bar stools while we drank. We weren’t hungry yet, but the food did look good there. It’s a smaller taproom located in front of the production floor and to the right of their store. You can buy growlers and merchandise in their store, including glassware. It was very loud inside due to the small space. The beers were good, but after we finished ours, we were ready to hit the next spot.

According to Google Maps, Revolution Brewery Taproom was 18 minutes away by bike and about the same or less by car. It was a Lyft day as I’ve yet to acquire a bike myself. On this leg of the trip, Lyft would prove to be the bane of my existence. Once I finally got a driver that was decent, I made it there without incident. Revolution’s Taproom (vs. the Brewpub) is pretty damn awesome. They have bike parking INSIDE! Revolutions taproom is the epitome of what a taproom should be. It’s got that warehouse feel (because it basically is) and it’s located in an industrial area. It’s a huge space. You would never really feel crowded or crammed unless they were having a big event with a ton of people in attendance. The taproom is only a small part of the brewery itself, but it’s still a large space. There’s a long bar and a bunch of communal tables. There’s shuffleboard and a photobooth. I feel this was our favorite brewery of the day. There were also a lot of beer options. Oh and bonus, they had a tour with spots still available. We were able to snag a couple tickets (it’s complimentary AND you get a beer for the tour). Yes! We were totally winning Saturday.

After Revolution, we headed over to Hopewell in Logan Square. We needed lunch and I knew they it was BYOF (bring your own food). I new there were two places right next door that were really good. My friend loves sushi and because she put herself in charge of our late lunch, that’s what we had. She ordered from Ryuu Asian BBQ. We got some wings, two rolls and crab rangoons…I believe. For being someone who thoroughly loves taking pictures of food, I only took Snapchats that I didn’t save. Darn me! It was pretty delicious though and I would totally go there again. (I’m also pretty sure I left my sunglasses there.)

After our meal, beer and a game of Coup, we headed to our next destination. It was Pipeworks. On a sidenote, I should’ve done a little bit more research on this one, but it didn’t occur to me that they wouldn’t have a taproom (because they they were quite popular) and that they would close at 5:00 on a Saturday! Pipeworks proved to be a bust because we got there at 5:20. That did not deter our adventures. By the way, I beat my biking friends to Hopewell, Pipeworks and our next destination. We were getting dessert.

We headed to Jeni’s Splendid. My friend had been trying to get her wife to go for the longest time and it was finally happening. It helped that it was on the way home for them. For me, I went right past my apartment. When I got to Jeni’s, there was a line out the door. That’s how gorgeous of a day it was outside. The smell of fresh waffles was wafting through the air. I couldn’t wait. I’m not the biggest fan of a waffle cone (I like sugar cones), but give me a fresh waffle and I’m totally game.

I had an idea of the flavors I was going to get from looking at the menu, but that all changed when I got to the counter and actually tried the ice cream. I was pretty positive Salted Caramel would be in my cone…it didn’t make the cut that day. I ended up with Chamomile Chardonnay (a Mother’s Day special), Brambleberry Sorbet (what the heck is a brambleberry) and Salted Peanut Butter. My life was pretty complete at this point. We ate our ice cream there and left with satisied smiles on our faces.

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