Chicago Hot Dog Fest 2017

Oh no, is summer coming to and end? I hope not. I’ll stay in denial…it’s not really August, is it? We’re about two weeks into August. Summer has been crazy busy and full of activities and travels. But for the month of August, I’m mostly home bound and staying in Chicago. Whoo hoo, let’s see what Chicago has to offer.

So this weekend, was full of activities. One of which was the Chicago Hot Dog Fest, which is presented by the Chicago History Museum. Alex and I did proper research and picked which hot dogs we wanted to try and which other foods we wanted to eat. I mean, we could’ve tried to eat it all, but that’s just ridiculous. The photo above, courtesy of my personal photographer, Alex.

There’s a $5 suggested donation at the door (thus it’s good to have some cash). You can only buy food and drinks with “Dog Dollars” at a 1-to-1 ration to real money (and to get “Dog Dollars” you can actually use plastic (NICE!)). Between the two of us, we had $40. This would later amount to 3 hot dogs ($5-$8 each), tots, pickles and beverages.

Our first stop was at EDZO. I looked them up on Yelp; they had good ratings and the most intriguing dogs. Heck, if the line was any indication, this was going to be a good decision. The line moved at a decent pace. We got the poutine dog and the elote corn dog. The poutine dog, not the easiest of hot dogs to eat (quite messy…gravy). Also, big poutine faux pas…the cheese curds were battered and deep fried and the fries were a bit on the stale side (they’d been sitting there a while). The elote corn dog was actually really good. The corn dog itself was a solidly delicious corn dog.

The second stop was Downtown Dogs for some loaded tots and a fried pickle on a stick (thickly battered pickle spear (think pancake batter)). The tots were awesome and loaded with bacon and cheese and were freshly crispy. The pickle…the batter was a bit on the thick side…so not much crunch.

Our third and final stop was Theory. Here we got Mexican street corn and a Hawaiian dog (“grilled pineapple” aka canned diced pineapple, General Tso sauce and tortilla strips). That was a pretty decent dog; it was all about the sauce and I have no clue what the tortilla strips had to do with it.

All in all, I would totally do Chicago’s Hot Dog Fest again. The vendors were all quality vendors, which was not the same story as the Taco Crawl we did the day before where some of the tacos were basically a joke. There was live music on the stage, plenty of room to just sit and hang around (best to bring a blanket and go picnic mode (there’s a few tables)). There’s a children’s area that looked like it would keep the kiddos busy for a while with inflatables and face painting. There’s 2 ice cream vendors, which you need on a hot summer day or one where the sun is beaming down on you.

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