Riot Feast

What if Riot Fest were to open a pop-up restaurant?


Because that’s exactly what they did. Riot Fest teamed up with the team that was behind Saved By the Max to open up a restaurant. The thing that caught my attention was JOHN STAMOS BUTTER. Seriously, what does that even mean? One thing I know was that I wanted to find out.


So in trying to research what exactly Riot Feast was, I came across some tidbits that made the adventure even more intriguing. It was a meal that was served family-styled in a carnival environment. What?!?!?!

So, my friends and I purchased tickets. $20 for the Nosh Pit (bar seating), $25 for GA (communal dining) and $35 for VIP (reserved tables).


Hungry patrons can purchase advance tickets for seating in the Nosh Pit for $20 (bar seating), GA for $25 (communal dining), or VIP for $35 (reserved elevated tables). Altogether, it wasn’t too bad. The Nosh Pit tickets were basically just a deposit towards your meal whereas GA included everything on the menu. And yes, I want to try everything, though I didn’t know what everything included.

And OMG, they have after hours that started at 9:30pm:

  • Wed – Trivia night & $5 burgers
  • Thur – Emo Karaoke
  • Fri & Sat – $3 beers

Riot Feast also included specialty crafted cocktails for the restaurant. It was definitely worth checking out, though I’m not sure I’d do it more than once like I did. I went 3! times. In my hard pressed search to go, I asked a bunch of people and they all actually wanted to go.

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