Travail Kitchen & Amusements 09.01.17

So what’s the first thing I did when I hit the city limits? Go to dinner, of course. Yeah baby, get into town at 4:15pm and dinner reservations at 5:00pm. This girl doesn’t play around when it comes to awesome food. Going to Travail is not just going for their food, though it’s awesome. I’m going for the experience. They (the chefs) make it interactive and entertaining. The food is pretty and the drinks are delicious. They even give you a treat to walk out the door with.

So let’s start with the menu (it was 28 courses and we were FULL at the end).

Drinks: Ron Burgundy & Corpse Reviver #12 (per the Rookery)

The meal:

Prosecco – lychee sorbet and globe basil

Cherry – filled with foie gras

Broccoli soup – rye croutons, parmesan

Beet sandwich – heirloom beets, goat cheese

Cornet filled with king crab – red bell mayo, fruit leather

Black garlic cracklin – chinese sausage, gochujang

INTERMEZZO – huckleberry sorbet, orange butter, mint

Summer salad – heirloom tomato, beet, orange, cucumber, zucchini, garlic dirt, ricotta, goat cheese, oxtails, nasturtium, pesto, breakfast radish, green tomato, gremolata, buttermilk crema, lobster mushroom, watermelon radish

INTERMEZZO – granny smith apple soda, lemon ice

Shrimp terrine – smoked tomato & shrimp vinaigrette, pickled onion, wasabi greens, horseradish, pea puree

Mussels – pork trotter terrine, mussels, mussel broth, cabbage

Arctic Char – sorrels, almond, haricot vert

Luxury corn dog – lobster, shrimp, old bay mustard, giardiniera

INTERMEZZO – anti-griddle lollipop, lemon curd, raspberry puree

Foie Gras – finger lime, coconut, jasmine, seed treat cracker

Posole (soup) – suckling pig, hominy, tomato, tortilla, cilantro, parsley, lime

Baby green salad – crunchy skin, crispy pork, horseradish, pickled celery

MEZZALUNA – corn pudding, chanterelle, honey, cherry, sunflower, garden herbs

Smoked Hanger Steak – chermoula sauce, smoked onion sauce, herbs, heirloom tomato

INTERMEZZO – flash-frozen passion fruit fluff

Pear Pot de Creme – creme fraiche

Caramel – coconut

Pate de Fruit – lychee mango

Profiterole – chocolate, strawberry mousse

Flambe Cake – tres leches, sweet lemon soak, pistachio butter, mint, stone fruit flambe, froyo dip & rip

Watermelon slurpeeimg_5520

Honestly, if you haven’t been here, I don’t know what you’re doing. The price is right. For Friday at 5pm, we paid $95 (yeah, yeah, yeah…there’s was a $26.50 service fee, but it was totally worth it).

You have to purchase tickets ahead of time though occasionally they’ll have walk-in seats available. They also now offer beverage pairing (be forewarned, I said beverage…not wine or cocktail pairing – it’s all encompassing).

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