Do You Dare? The Upside Down

“You shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to.” – Jonathan Byers

img_5944The Upside Down: A Stranger Things Pop-Up Bar (located in the Emporium Pop-Up space in Logan Square)

In saying all this, maybe this is some advice to be taken into account. During it’s more busy times (say…at night), you kind find the line winding down the sidewalk. I’ve even heard it’s gotten so long that it goes around the corner. I would not recommend you go at these times. It’s not necessary, cool…but not necessary. Do you really want to spend all that time waiting in line?

Do what I did…go when they’re just opening. The space is less crowded with people, you get to take your pictures (come on, you know you want to) and enjoy a drink and the space without so many other humans around. That and OMG, they did such a good job decorating the space…like, it’s really cool and the soundtrack definitely helps to facilitate the Stranger Things vibe.

In the space, there’s the famous alphabet with lights on the wall communication method. There’s an upside down living room on the ceiling. Benny’s Burgers is there. There are Eggo’s. If you’re a child of the 80’s you may remember how to use the quarter machine to get yourself a Stranger Things pin (we found that some people had some troubles with this machine and just didn’t understand).

In my opinion, I thought the cocktails were pretty delicious and there was one beer on tap that was Stranger Things inspired made by Goose Island (Goose Island + Survive $6). The cocktails were all $10, two of which were slushie drinks (yum!).

The cocktail names were pretty awesome:

Eleven’s Eggos (slushie) – Angel’s Envy bourbon, lemon, orange, cranberry, maple syrup

Snack Pack 2.0 – mezcal, Amontillado sherry, creme de cacao, chocolate, mole bitters

Coffee + Contemplation – scotch, Dark Matter iced coffee, lemon, coffee liqueur, coffee bitters

Demogorgon (slushie) – overproof rum, blood orange, all spice dram, lime

She’s Our Friend & She’s Crazy! – reposado tequila, amaretto, lemon, strawberry

Mouthbreather – gin, caramelized pineapple, ancho reyes, lime, hellfire shrub

What About Barb??!?!! ($6) – ice cold shot of Jagermeister from The Upside Down “Barb” machine

Honestly, the space is cool. It’s definitely worth the visit (maybe not the line-around-the-block worth it, though). I’d say find a not peak time to visit…get your fix before Stranger Things returns in October.

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