London: Day Two

Guess what happened when I woke up this morning. I was in London. It’s real; we’re really here. Today was filled with more of the touristy stuff. Most of it for me, some of it for Anne. Our first stop was on the east side of town. We were going to the Tower of London. I really need to brush up on my English knowledge, but that’s what Anne’s here for a “highlights” tour guide. I’m already winning at life. But before that, first…Starbucks!

Do you know anything about the Tower of London? Well, it started as a residence and then was later a prison…details. The cool thing, it was super castle-y. You don’t even understand or maybe you do, but you’ve been there and this is not your first go-round with Europe. But, it had moats…yes, those things that make it hard to get to the castle unless you lower the drawbridges. Yes, there are drawbridges. And there was an inside moat and an outside moat. The outside moat now consists mainly of grass (a nicely manicured lawn). Whilst walking around to get to the Tower Bridge, we found a moat. It was most fabulous.

After trying to peer in without going on the tour, we just don’t have time for that stuff or money (we were allocating our monies for food). I heard the tour was quite interesting, but if you’re not interested in the stories, then you’re probably just in it to view the crown jewels (THE crown jewels). Maybe one day I’ll check it out, but not this trip.

Following around the Tower of London, we headed up to the Tower Bridge to cross over and walk along the Riverwalk on the South side. It’s a pretty walk, breezy and such also…on our way to London Bridge, which was actually a little underwhelming. After googling a few days later, I found out that the original London Bridge was moved to Arizona (Lake Havasu) because it couldn’t keep up with the demands of traffic aka lots of cars are heavy.

London Bridge

The bridge was now just a bridge, a tad unspectacular in nature. So, our adventure continued onto the Golden Hinde (a boat) and Borough Market for lunch. We got some curried potato crepes (Horn OK Please), fish & chips (Fish!), juices (Total Organics), and veggie pie (Pieminister). Borough Market is my spirit animal. Borough Market was my kind of place and if I lived in London, I’d go broke. It’s foodie heaven. After some substance, we were ready for a couple drinks.

Golden Hinde II

The Shard, a tall, new-ish building in London. That’s what it’s called and that’s basically what it looks like. We may not have exactly followed the directions, but, apparently, there was a spectacular view from the bathroom window. This view included getting a drink vs paying for the observation deck. We went to Oblix, which may have been the wrong bar, but the views were spectacular nonetheless and we got to enjoy some fancy cocktails. Anne got one called Sin City and it shimmered, literally shimmered (it was so pretty and the picture does not do it justice). I got the ‘Capa’ Old Fashioned; it was delicious, but did not come with a cherry (a really cool ice cube, but no cherry).

After The Shard, was Anne’s activity of choice. We were going to ride the London Eye (pods on a ferris wheel). It’s offers some pretty awesome views of the city and it’s so cool. The whole ride takes about 30 minutes or so. The pod rotates while you’re inside so that you’re always right side up, super important. From the Eye, we could see Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, who is currently getting a face life. Insert sad face here. When I was younger, one of the 3D puzzles I put together was Big Ben (if you remember what 3D puzzles are), so now I wanted to see the real thing in person.


The touristy part of the day was coming to an end, all that was left was Harrod’s and afternoon tea. I don’t think I was quite prepared, but was excited for a cuppa. Harrod’s is cool aside from afternoon tea. If we hadn’t been walking all day, I probably would’ve explored it a bit more. Our sights were set on finding The Georgian. We had already chosen to participate in the Luxury Afternoon Tea option because, why wouldn’t we? It included rose and strawberries (with Pimm’s No. 1 syrup). Roll-me-home-full might be an understatement for how we were feeling at the end of our mini-meal of afternoon tea.

To say the least, our dinner consisted of sparkling water and chocolate bars. Thanks for sticking around for our long day. Stay tuned for Day Three adventures.

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