London: Day Three

This is the morning where Anne and I found out one piece of toast was not enough and two pieces of toasts was too much, but the butter is Irish and thus we will do 1.5 pieces of toast each tomorrow. In the past two days, we had accomplished all the touristy things. Now, it was a let’s-see-what-interests-us agenda. This started with going all the way back to Brick Lane (we couldn’t not get the smell of delicious curry from our minds from Day One).

But first, second breakfast at Beigel Bake (that’s how you spell it). Anne got a simply beigel and cream cheese. I got the salt beef beigel; it seemed the thing to do. It was delicious. I could continue to just eat the meat with mustard. The pickle I could do without. It tasted like a cross between dill pickles and bread & butter pickles, just enough sweetness for me to say blech (though I did take more than one bite to make sure).

We had plans to check out the shops in Box Park, but it didn’t open yet and we had about 20-30 minutes to kill. We walked in and out of the shops that dotted Brick Lane. We found a few cute spots. I bought a couple non-generic postcards from the Brick Lane Book Shop. Postcards are usually what I buy as souvenirs for myself. We also hopped into a few cute boutiques. We finally made our way to Box Park (think stores inside shipping containers. Super cool and cute concept. We didn’t really buy anything, but it was cool to check out.

It was nearing lunch time, so we made our way back to Brick Lane. We saw a ton of people walking around with Ben & Jerry’s so we investigated and found free ice cream. They were supporting the refugees cause. #together4refugees – check it out

After some googling to figure out where we should eat and reading lots of window signs, we settled on Aladin’s (the most renown and for good reason). Our eats included: vegetable Ceylon, chicken madras, vegetable samosas and garlic naan. The price was right too, which very nice. I would totally recommend this place. We even got free food tour facts while eating there because two different tour groups came through. One of them mentioned a sweets shop down the street so we were definitely heading there.

Next was adventuring in Convent Garden. There were a couple spots on my list in the area…and apparently, a lot of shopping. Before any of that could happen, we needed some pick-me-ups, coffee for Anne and juice for me (I’m addicted I tell you – I even have green juice gummy bears inspired by Pressed Juicery).

So the things we did in Convent Gardens included: walking through the Jubilee Market (think flee market), walking through Convent Garden Market, Tea House, Zara, and Sakare. Before we even got there, we walked through The Strand and a candy store. Shopping takes it out of you so we needed to get a couple pints at Cross Keys.

The pints were followed by dinner at Rock & Sole Plaice, about 180 feet away. Rock & Sole is London’s oldest fish and chips shop (this time we got haddock). Their fish and tartare sauce are awesome. The chips…leaving something to be desired; they were neither soggy nor crispy. Oh, and we also got mushy peas, which is thing you’re supposed to do so…we must. They tasted very much like peas and even better with some black pepper on them.

Enter one of our favorite parts of a meal…dessert. Dessert of ice cream to be specific…from Udderlicious to be even more specific. OMG, this ice cream shop is beyond adorable. I really should’ve taken a picture of it. It came recommended by my friends Alex & Shamaine (she’s a local and super awesome). Anne got the chocolate peanut butter (yes, please) and I got strawberry basil (one of my favorite People Pop flavors). Both were delicious and what made it even better was that I got to sit on a swinging bench in the store while I ate it. Yes, I’m again winning at life.

We had a few things left to do, which was to finish souvenir shopping…because why wait. Off to Mayfair we were to visit the Hard Rock Café for an exclusive guitar pin and Lanesborough Hotel for some special tea. This time we were taking the Tube home and not walking through a dark Hyde Park like the night before. We were lucky the night before we didn’t get attacked by killer swans or angry geese.

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