Paris: Day One

We hopped on the Eurostar at about 5:25p in London and arrived in Paris at about 8:50p (which is actually in a different time zone (I’m saying it felt like only 7:50p)). You guys, I’m in France!!! More specifically, I’m in Paris. I didn’t take 7 years of French for nothing, right? Actually, I’m so out of practice it’s not even funny. I can recognize when it’s spoken and for the most part don’t really understand much of it…I don’t think. We will see.

After arriving at Gard du Nord, we took the Metro to our AirBnb. I found out it was in the Latin Quarter (whoo! that was on my list to visit). And it was National Taco Day back in America so maybe tacos? Let’s just say, I forgot all about the tacos by the time we went out and went more French.

We were getting tired and it was getting late and things were closing soon. So, we ended up at The Twickenham, which is right down the street from where we are staying. We ended up getting the Twick Formula (their house special). It included a walnut salad and one of the specials. We got some wine and then moules frites. So delicious. I would totally do it again. Heck, we even got dessert. This was the latest we’d been out since our holiday started.

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