London: Day Four

Our last day in London and we finally figured out the breakfast-at-the-hotel formula, 1.5 pieces of toast each, plus other foodstuff. Today, there was no second breakfast. Today…was another venture into Hyde Park, but this time, we were headed to Kensington Palace. The significance of this one: the royal babies live there. Well, with their parents William and Kate. If you don’t know who those are, I’m done with you.


So on our last day in London, we got another dose of nature (the maple leaves are giant here – like as big as my face giant). There were dogs out running around…and then we got to the pond where we found the rest of the lost Canadian geese, along with the swans and strange giant ducks. There were even a few pigeons and seagulls. It’s like bird heaven in Hyde Park (big on the wildlife here).


We finally got to Kensington and discovered a line of people waiting to get in/buy tickets for tour. I’m cool with just looking at it, though the back is not all that spectacular (it’s a residence so no castle-y stuff here). We also came across Diana’s Memorial Garden and the Orangerie (where you can have a reasonably priced afternoon tea).


I wanted to see the front, so we walked around the side and got some pretty awesome pictures. We couldn’t actually see what it looked like from the front though because a meshy tarp was put up essentially blocking our view of anything. It’s okay, we took a leisurely stroll down Kensington Gardens Place (the street the Palace is on) and saw a bunch of foreign embassies.

It was back on the train and towards early lunch in Marylebone. That was where Ginger Pig was and it was on my list to get a sausage roll there (which was served only at lunch). Ginger Pig is actually a butcher shop but had to ready to eat goodies. My sausage roll was eaten in two sittings (there was a lot of it (more sausage than delicious pastry)) and so good. Anne stopped at Buengo and got a sando (also delicious).

Out time in London was nearing its end. It was back to the hotel to grab our luggage and then to the station to catch the Eurostar. Le sigh.

But first, Platform 9 ¾. Yes, we were at Kings Cross. As a Harry Potter fan, how could I not visit this ultra-significant platform? How else was I got catch the Hogwarts Express? We found it and it was amazing. I just had no patience to stand in line and get a picture [insert eye roll here]. I had this to carry me through my death wait at St. Pancras.


And then we were boarding the train, on the train, riding through the Chunnel and emerging in France. Hey guys…we’re in France!

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