Paris: Day Four

Alas, it’s our last day in Paris. Our train doesn’t leave for Brussels until 5:25pm so we still had the day ahead of us. We did have to check out by noon though. With all of our souvenir shopping done and no real plans ahead of us, we had a very #teamawespon kind of day. We decided to check out the Jardin du Luxembourg.

But first, breakfast. We had breakfast crepes at La Creperie. And oh yums. I got a potato, egg and cheese crepe. It didn’t look too daunting until I found myself not being able to finish it. It was so good though, so much cheese. Anne got an apple compote crepe. Very apple=y…and the spices they used were a little different than what most people would be used to, still pretty delicious.


Le Jardin du Luxembourg was originally built to be the royal residence for the regent Marie de Medicis, mother of Louis XIII. The palace itself served as the precursor to the Louvre and for a short-time, a prison. The garden is actually the biggest park in Paris.


It was nice to just walk through. It really is the epitome of a French garden. It has a calming atmosphere. It’s large, beautiful and spread out. There was a the palace, a grand fountain with little sail boats on it. On a Saturday morning, there were a ton of runners, people doing tai chi… there were self-defense classes and children riding ponies.

After going back to check out, we had a couple of hours to kill before we had to be at the train station. We walked through the street markets. One of which was actually more like a farmers market than just a street market. Anne ended up getting a cheese sandwich on French bread aka grilled cheese aka raclette. They melted the cheese with a heat lamp and would scrap off the melted cheese into the sandwich. They repeated this process quite a few times. There was soooo much cheese that it started to drip out of the bottom of the sandwich. Let’s just say it was a filling sandwich that we tried to finish. The cheese itself was nutty and cheesy-ly delicious.

We also walked down the sidewalk shops along the Seine. After checking the time and see we had more time to kill. I stopped at Creperie Chez Suzette and got a dessert crepe…walking crepe time. It was filled with Nutella and strawberries and it was delicious.

After that, we did as Parisians do. We grabbed a couple of sidewalk seats at Le Petit Cluny and had some wine and coffee. We both did some editing…because #timetokill. We got to the train station, Gard du Nord, a little early and waited around a bit on the floor, but whoo! train, Thalys, was here, though it was slight confusing since two destinations were listed on the train we were getting on. Security consisted of walking through metal detectors without any actual checking.


We were finally on our way to Brussels for a night. Waffles here we come!

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