Brussels: Day One

We got into Brussels, Grand Place, around 7:30pm. We were staying at an IBIS, which is like an efficiency hotel, in my opinion. It does the job and is rather nice and clean. My friend Shane, had arrived earlier that day and met us at the station. Whew, trying to get out of the station was already confusing.

The walk to the hotel was nice and easy except that rolling suitcases and cobble stone streets are not the best of friends. Checking in was a quick process. After settling in and freshening up a bit, we went to dinner. At this point, we were getting quite ravenous.

Off to a restaurant we had picked out for their triple fried fries. Belgian fries…get ready to be consumed. We walked a short distance through Brussels proper (or tourist Brussels) to Cafe Georgette. Anne got a burger and a beer. I got meatballs in a tomato sauce and a beer. Shane got filet mignon and a beer. All of the meals came with a mini fryer basket of Belgian fries. It was a pretty good meal. So many crunchy bits of yum fries.

We walked around a little bit. Found a chocolate shop, Galler. This was our place to go for Belgian chocolates…and they were open still. One less thing to shop for tomorrow. We walked through Grand Place and night and it was breathtaking. We were glad we went for our little walk, totally worth it.


Yes, finally time for bed. Our breakfast waffles spot didn’t open until 10:30am, so that would even allow us some time to sleep in. Already winning at life on our one night in Brussels.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Amsterdam, the city that inspired the trip to Europe.

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