Brussels: Day Two

Whoo for sleeping in. Now, if only I did sleep in. My suitcase at this point is getting rather full. I have 4 Starbucks mugs and 2 more still to go. My cousin better love me. Nah, it’s fun to help his collection grow though I’m not sure his cabinet can handle it. My last big trip, I also came back with 6 mugs.

So first stop was a breakfast of waffles at Maison Dandoy. They made Brussels waffles and Liege waffles. They also offered a variety off toppings or at their purest, with just powdered sugar. We accidentally went to their retail only location, but the take-out location wasn’t far away, just on the other side of Grand Place.


Brussels waffles are lighter and crisper. They have defined edges (rectangular in shape). They have deeper holes. Liege waffles are doughy-er and made with a heavier batter. It has sugar in the batter that caramelizes as it cooks. The edges are uneven. They are definitely a more filling waffle and chewier.

After a waffle breakfast in Grand Place, I picked up my mug at Starbucks. Anne picked up a pin at Hard Rock. I have to mention…there were a lot of children running around doing what appeared to be a scavenger hunt or something all over the square. It was Sunday morning. What was going on? And they were of all ages and had uniforms on. They looked like scouts (handkerchief around the neck, khaki shorts, navy shirts…). So confused.

After checking out of the hotel and checking our luggage into storage, we were taking a tour of the Pis. They are famous statues/fountains in Brussels. There were three all together (Manneken Pis, Jeanneke Pis, Het Zinneke). Technically, the dog is just a statue and not a fountain and apparently not “associated” with Manneken Pis. Manneken Pis is a nod to the people of Brussels and their sense of humor (it’s a small boy peeing into a fountain).

After that, we sat down for a beer at a cafe, which then resulted in eating some noms. It was a random place next to the hotel, Magic Rubens. I ended getting mini moules and mini frites. Anne got a giant cheese omelet. Shane got a mini-pizza, which turned out to be a large pizza and none of us ended up getting any beer. The food was alright. We were, more or less, there to kill time…and then it started to rain. It was nice and relaxing, but once there was a break in the rain, we made a run for it and chilled in the restaurant lobby for a bit before heading to the train station.

And with less than 24 hours spent in Brussels, we were headed to Amsterdam.

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