Amsterdam: Day One

After a 3-hour train ride with several stops from Brussels, we finally arrived in Amsterdam. Now we just had to find Tram 4 and make our way to the AirBnb. By the way, our AirBnb host and the place itself is pretty awesome. It’s in De Pijp; a great neighborhood and near tons of stuff. The place is run by IamB&B.

Being that it was kind of late and we were pretty tired, we didn’t do too much exploring. We got in around 8/8:30p. We ended up walking down the street a little ways to a pizza place, Renato’s Pizza. I got a margherita (but it didn’t actually have any basil on it) and Anne got a pecorino (pecorino cheese, arugula, zucchini and walnuts). We got the pizzas to go. It was pretty good for bed picnic pizza. It was more than we could both finish, we each have about a slice left each.

We also made some tea as it was cold outside. Our bed wasn’t made, but the sheets were clean and the bathroom large. The place is actually quite nice, recently renovated. There’s even a loft which looks like it might serve as a closet. Could you probably put a twin-sized bed up there. They have a super-mini fridge, a hot water maker and a Nespresso machine. The shower is a rain shower and a detachable shower head. There are dimmer switches! Oh, and they have a custom made magazine for all their guests.


After our bed pizza picnic, it was time for catching up on journalling and bed. Tomorrow was museum day.

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